AI Contract Reviewer


We designed, developed & deployed a full stack AI-driven legal platform.

  • AI system able to review legal contracts for risky clauses and flag to the user.
  • Also able to explain any clause in plain understandable English.


"Daniel is kind, efficient, organised and capable. He understands the importance of meeting clients’ requirements and delivers excellent services. Not only is he a great individual but he is also a very competent all round developer and business owner. I would highly recommend Austin Tech AI for the development of technology products."

Meera Ahmadi - Founder - Techtracts


Our task was to design an AI system capable of accurately interpreting and analysing the nuanced language of 10-25 page legal documents at a rapid pace. In addition to this, the platform needed to provide comprehensive risk assessments and clear explanations of complex clauses in simple language, catering to users without legal expertise.

Creating the AI System

By harnessing the deep legal expertise of Techtracts' founder, we meticulously tailored a series of precision orchestrated prompts to inform the AI's evaluation process, ensuring it could accurately interpret nuances across different jurisdictions, contract types, and industries. This strategic prompt engineering resulted in a highly efficient AI system capable of delivering focused risk assessments and maintaining accuracy at an accelerated pace.

We also honed in on understanding exactly what it takes to provide an accurate and simple interpretation of a legal clause to a user with no legal expertise. With this understanding, we could re-create the interpretation every time with incredible accuracy by guiding the AI to follow the certain thought process.

OpenAI's GPT-4-Turbo was used extensively throughout the orchestrated AI system for rapid, accurate outputs.

The Solution

To address the challenges, Austin Tech AI designed, developed and deployed an intuitive front-end website and powerful back-end server for the platform, integrating a precision AI system that delivers precise risk assessments and legal clause explanations. The AI's capabilities were augmented by our strategic prompt engineering and deployment of concurrent contract processing techniques, significantly accelerating the review process without sacrificing accuracy


The collaboration between Austin Tech AI and Techtracts has set a new standard in legal tech innovation, showcasing the power of AI to transform complex legal processes. This AI-driven platform not only accelerates contract reviews but also democratises legal understanding, offering clear, accessible insights into contractual risks and language. This underscores the potential of AI to revolutionise the legal industry, making expert-level analysis available to all, and paving the way for a future where legal expertise is no longer a barrier but an enabler for businesses and individuals alike.