AI Term & Lesson Planner


We created an AI system to generate high quality lesson plans for teachers.

  • Re-created an educator's workflow with an accurate AI system.
  • Able to generate perfectly formatted school term plans.
  • Able to generate coherent, accurate and effective lesson plans


"Austin Tech AI is awesome to work with. Fast and high quality delivery. Looking forward to hire them to many more projects"

Johan Holtby - Founder - PlannerD


The initial generative AI system in place was producing erratic and disjointed semester and lesson plans, which failed to meet the strategic and qualitative needs of educational planning. These plans lacked a coherent structure and continuity, resulting in a tool that was not yet able to help the educators it was designed to assist.

The Path To Enhancement

Our collaboration commenced with an insightful discussion with the startup's founder and a seasoned educator. Through this dialogue, we dissected the educator's approach to term and lesson planning, uncovering the essential elements that contribute to an ideal educational framework.This exploration provided a lucid understanding of the educator's workflow, from interpreting curriculum requirements to finalizing a comprehensive plan for student engagement. Identifying the shortcomings of the original AI system, we recognized the critical need for consistency and continuity in the generated outputs.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Austin Tech AI devised a generative AI system that meticulously mirrors the educator's proven planning process. By translating the educator's methodology into a sequence of AI-powered operations, we ensured a replication that was both accurate and effective. The final product was an AI-generated educational plan that exemplified comprehensive, coherent, and consistent planning, encapsulating the expertise of the educator within a streamlined, AI-enhanced framework.


The collaboration with Austin Tech AI led to the development of an effective generative AI system capable of delivering the output educators require. By capturing the essence of an expert's workflow and infusing it into an AI model, we provided the EdTech startup with a tool that not only saves educators time but also serves as their creative companion.